1. When you try to contact your project partner

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2. When your partners make some pretty big assumptions

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3. When you just want some clarification on the assignment

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4. When they lose respect for you when you don’t write their half of the assignment

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5. When even famous historical group projects don’t go as planned

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6. When you don’t get to choose your partners

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7. When they really are trying, but not very hard

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8. When they don’t do any work, try to switch groups, then get mad when you take their name off the project

I just want a good grade so
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9. When group projects are supposed to teach you about “cooperation”

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10. When nobody will answer your texts

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11. Group member asks a question about her assigned section then admits they have dropped the class two days before submission.

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12. When the only one you can rely on is yourself

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13. When they might drop the class and they might not, and they’re not going to let some silly deadline speed up their decision

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14. When they’re all too happy to let you do the bulk of the effort

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15. When they send you their part of the project, which you can’t even use

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16. When they try to pretend they contributed an equal amount to the final product

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17. When you turn to threats just to get them to send you their part of the assignment

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18. And when you just have to accept that there’s just nothing you can do

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