1. Priority.

9GAG / Via twitter.com

2. Photobombed by the couple behind my Father and I

drobcra / Via reddit.com

3. We got photobombed by an alpaca

Slamhain / Via reddit.com

4. Best unplanned picture I’ve ever taken.

mrsyelslab / Via reddit.com

5. The look on this pilots face as his passenger decides to jump and throw her arms into the air for a pic while under the spinning chopper blades.

Proof70 / Via reddit.com

6. Photobomb of the year?

SirCookieLord_ / Via reddit.com

7. Indognito

dumfok / Via reddit.com

8. If you’ve ever felt like piglet

laurennmun / Via twitter.com

9. I love how it lines up with the grey shirt dude’s neck, so it kinda looks like the guy making that face has a giant-headed twin brother.

Palifaith / Via reddit.com

10. When you see it?

alexerhorn / Via reddit.com

11. Joe “Joe Rogan” Rogan

Pilcrew / Via reddit.com

12. Photobombed.

unknown_name / Via reddit.com

13. Took our first ever trip to DisneyWorld. Got photobombed

QuiGonnHank / Via reddit.com

14. Got married last week. My favorite picture from the night got photobombed by my buddy

muzungu616 / Via reddit.com

15. Can’t take any good pics without your best friend photobombing

IamRiston / Via twitter.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: unknown_name / reddit