1. I found this sign that is only visible at night

sab8a / Via reddit.com

2. They need a graphic designer, obviously

bigsmily / Via reddit.com

3. A bed with a platform — using up that space right!

Handy Dad TV / Via facebook.com

4. Rock climbing wall suspended over water so you don’t have to worry about climbing gear.

EviscerationNation / Via reddit.com

5. They light up

Tigersas / Via reddit.com

6. This bracelet is also a phone charging cable

twintheif / Via reddit.com

7. Et tu, Brute!!!

neselo77 / Via imgur.com

8. Very nice!

Horizon0D / Via reddit.com

9. This fire extinguisher on the wall

taongbundok / Via reddit.com

10. The queue handrails at Hong Kong’s Disneyland let you rest

alfredogzc / Via reddit.com

11. Grandpa’s pill box and bottle as one

UpperNeedleworker / Via reddit.com

12. Charging drawer

Botatitsbest / Via reddit.com

13. CD cover

abanoub_kamal / Via reddit.com

14. This entrance to the kid section at our local library

hookerwithappiness / Via reddit.com

15. This beer can explains how to turn a ringpull into a fishing hook

theangryantipodean / Via reddit.com

16. Bicycle rack at a local library

marcham93 / Via reddit.com

17. This toothpaste that comes with a sliding key to help roll the tube

AllVeggiesNoEggs / Via reddit.com

18. Very Interesting Modern Art

PatFan282 / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: sab8a / reddit