1. The roommate who was just trying to spread the good message.

dannyperston / Via twitter.com

2. The one who was determined to save the environment ONE CAN AT A TIME.

itscolie / Via instagram.com

3. The one who couldn’t resist a good dad joke.

jessicakc_1009 / Via instagram.com

4. The one who gave an inspiring speech

garbage_person / Via twitter.com

5. And the person who was just looking out for themselves in the morning.

teqaylabaadte / Via twitter.com

6. This person who wanted to store his belongings in a safe space.

tavernoon / Via twitter.com

7. The person who really just wanted a boom boom.

toroh1 / Via twitter.com

8. This girl who simply wanted to write her dad a reminder.

isobellesimmons / Via instagram.com

9. This person who was only trying to spread the lyric love.

stop_texting / Via instagram.com

10. This exceptional roommate who decided to come bearing treats.

ninedee5 / Via twitter.com

11. This thoughtful roommate who decided to leave a warning to everyone in the house.

annabell12 / Via instagram.com

12. This person who was only looking forward to the future.

zsarinadanica / Via twitter.com

13. This lovely lady who wanted to make sure no mouth went unfed.

swanica_ / Via twitter.com

14. And finally, this blanket apology for god knows what.

caradollars / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: tavernoon / twitter