1. I thought the chair was broken

thegoatiedoodie / Via reddit.com

2. Disappearing dog

serbir / Via pikabu.ru

3. The inside of this apple is red

HonestJohnTheFox / Via reddit.com

4. How to break your bones

Cyreniac / Via reddit.com

5. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess

somebuddies / Via reddit.com

6. Seriously. That can’t be legal. And yes, the front truck is towing the rear one.

Oversized_phallus / Via reddit.com

7. Smell it.

sauerkr4ut / Via reddit.com

8. Perfect placement


9. Pumpkin Looks Like a Watermelon Shaped Like an Apple

WhovianSushi / Via reddit.com

10. The rain-drying pattern on this exterior wall reveals the location of stairs inside the building

crayfl / Via reddit.com

11. These blankets look like giant packages of meat

shiningPate / Via reddit.com

12. It’s a me, Marlboro.

rebexca16ansell / Via reddit.com

13. Time efficiency.

jumja / Via reddit.com

14. Just a tank at a petrol station

r1ckeh / Via reddit.com

15. Trees taking over abandoned car

swiftestcat / Via reddit.com

16. The shine on this filing cabinet makes it look like it’s fading away.

Dr_Dewey / Via reddit.com

17. This photo I took looks like four photos stitched together

PyjamaRamas / Via reddit.com

18. The crooked door to this bookshop

crazycockerels / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: HonestJohnTheFox / Reddit, WhovianSushi / Reddit