1. Who would’ve thought church would be savage?

craazy_hEad / Via reddit.com

2. Nothing will stop him from watching!

Konyolcak / Via imgur.com

3. Just don’t…

dcsmith707 / Via reddit.com

4. Hope he got that shot.

Konyolcak / Via imgur.com

5. Have you seen this dog?

nassunnova / Via reddit.com

6. Got a bit drunk and decided to recreate the Stingray pic with my girlfriends…

emmafgreen / Via imgur.com

7. Dear urinal, go fu*k yourself!

hernanredrum / Via reddit.com

8. Got the dominos guy to buy me McDonalds in the special instructions section

slapded / Via reddit.com

9. 1…2…Freddies learning new ways to kill you

Those seats bend! How do you crack your back??!
lifeandtimes89 / Via reddit.com

10. So I might’ve got a little drunk and made my cat a fort.

dangleberries4lunch / Via reddit.com

11. Savage!!!

billelovic / Via reddit.com

12. Got blackout drunk and woke up to this

SofaKingSexy / Via imgur.com

13. The only way this is giving out a charge is if it’s a charge of cuteness.

SidDarthVader4 / Via reddit.com

14. Technically that’s correct

mikoshatel / Via reddit.com

15. This watch your step sign at a restaurant I was at today

Agento420 / Via reddit.com

16. That trailer life..

Skinnnyy / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: nassunnova / reddit, Konyolcak / imgur