1. Russian father

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2. My boss brought his son to work today.

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3. Drew eyebrows on my kid, was not dissapointed.

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4. Just checking to see how strong the stroller is.

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5. The joys of fatherhood

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6. When its daddy’s turn to take care of the baby

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7. This dad clearly tried his best.

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8. Perfect balance

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9. Hubby takes our 2 week old son every morning so that I can catch up on sleep. He doesn’t realise that I know he then plays computer games. He is the best husband and father I could ask for, and hey, if baby is happy!

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10. I left my 7-year old daughter unattended for 10 minutes to make dinner. Big mistake.


11. Your face.

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12. You always have the most fun with dad.

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13. Just tired

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14. My little brother’s parenting experience in a nutshell.

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