1. The person who was straight-up murdered

Broodjedoner / Via reddit.com

2. The people who matched and didn’t realize they’d already met

Crazylegs704 / Via reddit.com

3. The person who tried to compliment one of his match’s photos

kbjami / Via reddit.com

4. The person who tried to flirt with an airline employee

Acromins / Via reddit.com

5. The person who matched with someone they used to bully

miqqqq / Via reddit.com

6. This person, whose love account is now bankrupt

LoisLame78 / Via reddit.com

7. The guy who set himself up for disappointment

bgit / Via reddit.com

8. The person who tried their best to make Kate laugh

NHaas / Via reddit.com

9. When autocorrect worked in the worst way

pfgirl2006 / Via reddit.com

10. The person who tried to be clever with the wrong person

Ztmug / Via reddit.com

11. The woman with the ironic college major

clipboard_cop / Via reddit.com

12. This unfortunate exchange

liamdoc420 / Via reddit.com

13. The person who really should have expected this answer

Zeldest / Via reddit.com

14. The person who tried using a knock-knock joke as a pickup

JohnnyBurnner / Via reddit.com

15. This swing-and-a-miss

Anon_FT / Via reddit.com

16. The person who got caught reusing an opening line

TRLC / Via reddit.com

17. This people, who at least was honest

Jaminshaman / Via reddit.com

18. The person who had their pickup line thrown back at them

habrotonum / Via reddit.com

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