1. This Burger King in Norway has a apot for you to empty your sodas in before you throw the cup away

Sakuga / Via reddit.com

2. This hospital in Sweden has dots on the floor to indicate which way the doors open for their patients.

AG_Cracker / Via reddit.com

3. In Norway the packed meat has a “thermometer” that tells you how many days are left until its no longer safe to eat it

vegakiri / Via reddit.com

4. This bus stop library in Norway.

reeddiitt / Via reddit.com

5. Supermarket trolleys in Sweden have a map of the supermarket

caspii2 / Via reddit.com

6. This taco-eating guide in Sweden.

DrWhereDoesItHurt / Via reddit.com

7. New six packs of beer in Norway are held together only by glue, the only plastic is the handle.

Nagenze / Via reddit.com

8. Drink can I found in Norway whilst on holiday can be re-sealed.

rettie / Via reddit.com

9. In Norway, Surge is just called Urge.

onthenextlevel / Via reddit.com

10. McDonald’s restaurant in Bergen, Norway

onthenextlevel / Via reddit.com

Here’s another McDonald’s

lileGenji / Via reddit.com

11. In Sweden toilets show the last time they were cleaned.

MostNeed / Via reddit.com

12. My hotel room has a sauna

ninjaPixel / Via reddit.com

13. This hands-free sink has a knob to adjust the temperature.

ibjack / Via reddit.com

14. This airplane is a hotel in Stockholm. The name is Jumbo stay.

Pit747 / Via reddit.com

15. This toilet in Norway has arm rests

xdaquan / Via reddit.com

16. This public bike repair stand in Norway.

whaave / Via reddit.com

17. Urinals over Oslo (21st floor) at midnight

LongLiveGorf / Via reddit.com

18. In Norway it is mandatory to wear seat belts on public transportation.

Elwood8524 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: vegakiri / reddit