1. This person who hopefully misspelled the word “cologne.”

iNSOMNIACBayo / Via twitter.com

2. This person who was SURE they wanted Fork Knife.

TheBloggess / Via twitter.com

3. This person who had a special birthday dinner planned.

CEM2890 / Via reddit.com

4. This person who just now learned the phrase “might as well”.

brenndog / Via reddit.com

5. This person who wants you to just say NO to sauce.

locofortaco / Via reddit.com

6. This person who accidentally said “feel day”, and her friends had a field day.

ZebraSteel / Via reddit.com

7. This person who might want to turn the captions on when watching HGTV.

aritsing / Via reddit.com

8. This person whose milk is apparently very inspiring.

GoalKeeper432 / Via reddit.com

9. This person who seems to be looking for the phrase “no offense”.

lnp323 / Via reddit.com

10. This person who had a delicious interpretation of the phrase “beck and call”.

Thumbs0fDestiny / Via reddit.com

11. This person who is hopefully selling an ottoman, not their grandmother’s abdomen.

BrycenWilliams / Via reddit.com

12. This person who meant to make a graduation cake for a valedictorian.

retinex / Via reddit.com

13. This person who came so very close to identifying Abraham Lincoln on a test.

czarcasticjew / Via reddit.com

14. This person who apparently thought the word “essay” was an acronym.

TLagPro / Via reddit.com

15. This person who had a very creative way of spelling “deja vu.”

Oktayey / Via reddit.com

16. This person, who should definitely learn how to spell “Shih Tzu.”

TrixieAaa / Via reddit.com

17. This person whose phone was presumably “confiscated”.

VsopVic / Via twitter.com

18. This mom, whose kids apparently remind her of a hole in a tire.

JLaf7290 / Via reddit.com

19. This person who should probably not become a doctor.

natureterp / Via reddit.com

20. This person who tried to say that “looks can be deceiving”.

cyberdizzy / Via reddit.com

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