1. I got jokes!

connercraziness / Via instagram.com

2. My wife wanted to let the pizza place know that they’re overdoing it with the advertising

texasproof / Via reddit.com

3. Not what my husband had in mind when I told him I made a sexy dress

iamlunasol / Via reddit.com

4. My sister’s April Fools’ prank on her husband.

Olikria / Via reddit.com

5. My wife made me a passive aggressive flow chart to use every time I get hungry

biscoff_nutella / Via reddit.com

6. So my wife is going away for a few months. This is how she left our bed this morning.

SelfishMentor / Via reddit.com

7. My wife has been waiting for 2 days for me to open fridge. Lol

danspud69 / Via reddit.com

8. My wife just sent me this picture from a waiting room.

TechN3ck / Via reddit.com

9. My wife asked me to grab something in the bedroom, this was waiting for me… I chose the right woman

StumbOz / Via reddit.com

10. My wife got a new Halloween decoration. I nearly sh*t when I walked in the bathroom.

Scubazz / Via reddit.com

11. I asked the kind lady at the pet shop for a shed tarantula skin, to put amongst the bananas to scare my husband!

onehundredjellyfish / Via reddit.com

12. My wife bought me monogram pajamas for Xmas.

blubberbot / Via reddit.com

13. My wife and I make banners for each other on birthdays. This was what I woke up to this morning. I love this woman.

supergalactic / Via reddit.com

14. Wife made me a pillow.

punkrockpapa / Via reddit.com

15. My wife is excited for my vasectomy tomorrow…

mySTi666 / Via reddit.com

16. My husband bet me I couldn’t shave his foot without him waking up. This is what he woke up to this morning.

Potatoprincessa / Via reddit.com

17. My wife called me to the bathroom to see the work she did on my shampoo bottle.


Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: SelfishMentor / reddit, Scubazz / reddit