1. A “Caesar salad” at Red Robin

pb7555 / Via reddit.com

2. Dog is almost finished building a door.

robbiekhan / Via reddit.com

3. At least the keyboards still going strong

Xepton / Via reddit.com

4. Time to lick a bag.

mandy-lion / Via reddit.com

5. Unsuccessful fries thief

GallowBoob / Via reddit.com

6. A squirrel set up shop under the hood of my van.

rrsafety / Via reddit.com

7. Poured a cup. Heard a pop. Coffee everywhere.

besst / Via reddit.com

8. My coworker told me that everyone dressed up at my office. Now I’m the only douchebag dressed like Captain Kirk amongst khakis and polo shirts.

DukeMaximum / Via reddit.com

9. When a cat decides to make some changes

dittidot / Via reddit.com

10. My oven exploded after i wanted to cook chicken…

sarunas69 / Via reddit.com

11. Wife thought the skillet would be a little bigger

RickHedge / Via reddit.com

12. My boyfriend tried opening one can of corn originally for dinner… had high hopes opening the second… and had a damn near mental breakdown by the third.

mandingobigdi*k / Via reddit.com

13. Hulk the nut

Fappening2k14 / Via reddit.com

14. There is a deck box 8 feet away from here for deliveries, but they love to put it in front of the garage door.

PM_ME_YOUR_FAV_HIKE / Via reddit.com

15. Good thing it wasn’t super glue

Mwall9 / Via reddit.com

16. I bought a lemon pie for my dad’s birthday and it came like this

valjide / Via reddit.com

17. Never thought I’d have lake front property

jdw1919 / Via reddit.com

18. My waterproof camera sucked in water and died but left me this last image.

LetsDIY / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: robbiekhan / reddit, GallowBoob / Reddit