The price of feminine hygiene products.
Even from a dude’s perspective, they are ludicrously priced for a necessary item.
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Paying a giant cable bill to watch commercials.
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Why the hell do I have to come into the office every day? Most of my job can be done remotely, sitting at home. I don’t need to burn gas, waste my time, and get aggravated every day shuttling back and forth. I would much rather come in 2-3x a week.
Cut down on traffic. Make for more productive and happier employees.
Let us work from home on a regular basis.
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Direct to consumer prescription drug marketing. People shouldn’t go to the doctor and ask for a drug they saw on a commercial by name.
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Built-in obsolescence.
Consumers spend good money to buy products that are designed to fail or become obsolete in order to stimulate further sales.
Not only that, but replacement parts become unavailable or are so expensive to buy and install that consumers end up replacing the item completely, even though it should have much more useful life.
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Every now and then I come across a video where some pastor magically “heals/cures” a person in church by saying some lines and touching the person’s head. In one of th videos, the pastor was suggesting to the person that if they bought his DVD, then they would heal faster. I find it rediculuos that people use religion and faith to instill fear and then scam innocent people.
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“Don’t discuss your pay with fellow employees.”
Part of me understands that it’s kind of tacky to do so, but I read that it was the companies way of not paying people what they deserve.
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Medication costs and healthcare.
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They are all products of marketing and fads.
Spinach is better and cheaper than Kale.
Strawberries/Blueberries just as good and cheaper than Acai.
Etc etc.
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My favorite is the “FAT FREE FOOD” on a bag of Twizzlers. Thank god this high-calorie compressed sugar gel doesn’t have any fat in it. My diet is secure!
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Black Friday sales. The thing that made me realize how f**ked it all is was working in a furniture store. We were selling these small storage ottomans for Black Friday. Regular price: $39.99, Sale price: $19.99. You know how much we paid for them? A f**king dollar. I’m breaking my NDA by telling you all this (lol).
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Paying for parking at a hotel your staying at already!
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Listing prices as $xx.99 to make them seem cheaper.
It’s a psychology trick. It works. We see 199.99 and think “That is less than 200.” But it’s exploiting human security vulnerabilities.
And worst of all, we could have all these beautiful, round numbers. But instead we end up with a bunch of nines everywhere. Zeroes are more orderly than nines and deserve more respect.
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Selling water at a few dollars a bottle.
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Textbooks, at least at US universities.
Depending on the subject they can cost anywhere from $100-$400 USD per book. New editions are released annually to ensure that the content remains up to date. (and the price remains high)
For an egregious example: I had a graduate level economics course that required a $300 textbook ($150 when rented for the semester) which actually had an “international version” available online that was the exact same book but instead cost $60 retail. The only thing is that the book was listed as being”not for distribution in the US”.
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College tuition in America.
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Airline fees.
Fees to check a bag. Fees to carry-on a bag. Fees to get a seat assignment. Fees to get a seat assignment on the second leg of your flight.
Your “cheap” $300 ticket just turned into a $500 flight.
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Having to give your email address out to basically any company you buy something from so they can spam your inbox. Yes, I’m aware you can unsubscribe, but it’s a pain in the a**. I’ve got a life to live and it doesn’t involve meticulously curating my email inbox on a regular basis.
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Why can’t we live in a world where we don’t have to expect that any call from a number not in our contacts is a scam or spam 99% of the time?
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Cellphone data. They sell it like it’s a finite resource, like they’ll run out if they give you too much. But yet if you don’t use it all that month, none of it rolls over. In Canada we also pay the same amount of money for 2gb that other countries get 100gb or more for.
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