1. It’s a perfect fit

FitssLife / Via reddit.com

2. The way this packing material fits in my coworkers door way.

Elder_John / Via reddit.com

3. I opened my medication and found 7 pills perfectly stuck at the top.

ryckae / Via reddit.com

4. My friend found the perfect gloves

FIXEDGRIN / Via reddit.com

5. This delivery dude must have felt so good after leaving this package at my apartment building.

spookybrain / Via reddit.com

6. I finally found out what that little slot in the car was for!

VampiricAcorn / Via reddit.com

7. Finally, a hotel that understands

pooka_pook / Via reddit.com

8. These little bowls in this big bowl.

pacman_johns / Via reddit.com

9. Had a pair of prescription lenses which fit perfectly in my mask. I could see all the fishies clearly!

growup_andblowaway / Via reddit.com

10. The complete works of Charles Dickens.

BristolEngland / Via reddit.com

11. These flower pots I bought today fit perfectly on the tiles

balkonkind / Via reddit.com

12. I like how his nose fits perfectly!

mybodyisajacuzzi / Via imgur.com

13. I work as a window cleaner, and this is the first time this has happened.

Neinman / Via reddit.com

14. Sweet lord…

ivanbelejkov / Via reddit.com

15. Three tow trucks and a Mini.

Enter_Text_Here / Via reddit.com

16. Only way all my pills fit in the container


17. This is how you pack a UPS truck

mattfuckingwaters / Via reddit.com

18. If I fits, I sits

MisterQuiver / Via reddit.com

19. A 1L bottle of Jameson fits precisely in my fire extinguisher holder.

YouCanCallMeTheSloth / Via reddit.com

20. I got the chopping board stuck in the sink at work

joeyjoeyjojo_joe / Via reddit.com

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