1. Louis made a new friend

Wolverinedoge / Via reddit.com

2. Blind great dane lily has her own seeing-eye dog maddison who takes her for walks


3. Settling in for nap time.

mediumclay / Via reddit.com

4. I trained my Great Dane to take selfies with me – if I’m sitting and extend my arm with my phone in hand, she plops up next to me, leans, and gives the camera this look

merrell0 / Via reddit.com

5. I have the REAL Scooby Doo

Snaileyho / Via reddit.com

6. Say hello to my little friend…

losper / Via imgur.com

7. My graceful Great Dane, Hendrix.

dunnskiis / Via reddit.com

8. Have you seen my ball?


9. This is why I love Great Danes.

swade7 / Via reddit.com

10. Pippin, a helpless baby fawn was abandoned by her mother. Great dane kate adopted pippin immediately and they have been best friends ever since


11. This dog is turning into a pancake

Mister-Plow / Via reddit.com

12. The most majestic pup.


13. My Great Dane puppy makes this face every time I take carrots out of the fridge…

kawaiikaiju_ / Via reddit.com

14. The noble great dane

unknown / Via boredpanda.com

15. Cutest Great Dane mom & puppy picture ever

catawampushalo / Via reddit.com

16. She firmly believes she’s a lap dog…

Romina2 / Via reddit.com

17. Son talked us into going to the animal shelter saying he wanted a small dog ….. worth it for that smile


18. My Dane loves listening to my nan’s stories

criscobeefslaps / Via reddit.com

19. The paw of my 4 month old Great Dane.

Embeast / Via reddit.com

20. Bigboye decided this couch belongs to him

Super_Professor / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: unknown / boredpanda, virussama.soup.io