1. This powerful toilet

I’ll just leave this here
Arceus4TW / Via reddit.com

2. The camouflaged friend

Not in unexpected place, but I did find this unexpectedly
StuffedKnupKnups / Via reddit.com

3. This old soul

Found a socket outlet on the back of a gravestone
Jamesterjim / Via reddit.com

4. This totally safe spot

I was shocked when I found this!!!
wokkaB / Via reddit.com

5. This perfect picnic location

At a Kayaking Tour place in Kauai
LilSiebs / Via reddit.com

6. This useful outlet

Took a full year to discover this cabinet dweller
lisbonant / Via reddit.com

7. This well planned spot

Restaurant bathroom. There’s no good reason for this.
fortunesfool3 / Via reddit.com

8. This perfect hallway outlet

At the doctors office.
15wintermt / Via reddit.com

9. This inaccessible outlet behind the glass

Behind a glass whiteboard in a university classroom
S-E / Via reddit.com

10. This convenient ceiling outlet

Saw this while 100% sober at Steak n Shake at 2am
straightouttacompte / Via reddit.com

11. This perfectly safe outlet

Hydroelectric power.
-Raayna / Via reddit.com

12. This outlet for NBA players

For when giants need to charge their phones
drider783 / Via reddit.com

13. These haphazard friends

Not aligned, not consistent.
Somewhat-irrelevant / Via reddit.com

14. This handy outlet in the middle of a Pet Smart sign

This sub really makes you aware of outlets
TreeBerry / Via reddit.com

15. This rooftop outlet

Well thats a strange looking lightning rod.
Midnightsky867 / Via reddit.com

16. This shy guy

Hiding in a vent
Klokwerker / Via reddit.com

And this outlet daring you to break your phone

Fu*k it, I’ll play along

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Jamesterjim / Reddit, -Raayna / Reddit