1. People ALWAYS point out the obvious about your height.

shortgirlprblem / Via twitter.com

2. You make everything a foot stool.

shortgirlprblem / Via twitter.com

3. Even daily tasks are part of the #shortgirlstruggle.

RenSmiley / Via twitter.com

4. The most you’ll see at a concert is the back of someone else’s head.

shortgirlprblem / Via twitter.com

5. Everything requires tailoring.

b.con87 / Via instagram.com

6. You become an arm rest for EVA-REE-BODY.

shortgirlprblem / Via twitter.com

7. You love the tall samaritans in your life who make grocery shopping a bit easier.

sykutaNP / Via twitter.com

8. You’ve come to realize there’s an entire world above you that you may never see.

inglesem1min / Via twitter.com

9. You might lose sight of your shopping buddy over all those clothing racks

warren_chey / Via twitter.com

10. The reality of someone taller stepping into your photo and ruining your shot is too real.

shvander / Via twitter.com

11. Having tall friends can be both the best and worst of times.

withnada / Via instagram.com

12. And this is how every group selfie comes out

raneemx96 / Via twitter.com

13. You know how the clothes look on the model isn’t going to be how they look on you.

CheneyHouseman / Via twitter.com

14. Every year, without fail, you go to the swimming pool with your friends and look like this

shortgirlprblem / Via twitter.com

15. You get multiple uses out of your handbag — like using it as a footrest.

clraven / Via twitter.com

16. You have a skewed concept of sizing because you’re short.

mommydonelostit / Via twitter.com

17. Massage chairs are just too darn tall for you.

ariana_cappola / Via twitter.com

18. You know sometimes it’s just easier to get a little boost.

Snoopy / Via twitter.com

19. People crack jokes on you at any opportunity.

LoveLily3 / Via twitter.com

20. Nobody takes you seriously when you’re angry.

shortgirlprblem / Via twitter.com

21. You know that you can not be the bigger person and you’re honestly okay with that.

pdxbrownclown / Via instagram.com

22. But at the end of the day, you don’t even care because you like who you are.

shortgirlprblem / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: shortgirlprblem / twitter