1. This ball made of honey which you can drop in you tea.

awusuwah / Via reddit.com

2. This coffee shop uses coffee ice cubes so your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down when the ice melts

ddeevv / Via reddit.com

3. This cafe lets you silently tell people you’re willing to share your table

trifflec / Via reddit.com

4. This cafe that has timers for your tea.

drslow4 / Via reddit.com

5. The water taps at this cafe drip onto plants to not waste water

halfandhafu / Via reddit.com

6. This coffee shop uses beer taps to dispense cream and milk

CranberryNapalm / Via reddit.com

7. Local cafe has “pay it forward” tokens you can buy and give to those needing them

Metalock / Via reddit.com

8. This coffee shop has pasta sticks instead of wood stirs

Give_me_the_Z_U_C_C / Via reddit.com

9. This coffee shop shows the differences between coffee drink types.

mister86japan / Via reddit.com

10. This cafe has a secret menu you can only read in the reflection

nosheven / Via reddit.com

11. My office cafe has two hot water dispensers with different temperatures to suit different teas.

hansteja / Via reddit.com

12. A cafe I visited in Tokyo can print pictures of you into the foam of your macchiato

JungleStirFry / Via reddit.com

13. A coffee place I went to charges you half price for coffee if you say please

DuncanCF1 / Via reddit.com

14. The Starbucks I’m at has wireless charging built into the tables

Valdar / Via reddit.com

15. This Starbucks has a live feed to see who’s taking your order.

TheGnarleyGoat / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: trifflec / reddit, drslow4 / reddit