1. When this outdoor pool looked a little different from what was shown in the pictures

robot_accomplice / Via reddit.com

2. When this group of lads were expecting a slightly bigger pool table

BrianAshe1 / Via twitter.com

3. Guess I won’t be reaping that Norway scenery karma

kkday218 / Via reddit.com

4. When this apartment’s listing technically told the truth

Airazz / Via reddit.com

5. And when this location’s balcony was a little less than desirable

Jagokoz / Via reddit.com

6. My vacation in Rio and seeing the Cristo.

OwnedYou / Via reddit.com

7. When this hotel’s pool looked a lot less glamorous in real life

jkersh95 / Via reddit.com

8. And when this location took advantage of forced perspective

SaulGoodBroo / Via reddit.com

9. When you go to a scenic overlook but you’re in a cloud

reddituser6533687 / Via reddit.com

10. Seriously, clouds are the worst.

CakeFace10 / Via reddit.com

11. In London for my honeymoon. Big Ben looks just like I always hoped it would……

Historiun / Via reddit.com

12. Today I climbed a mountain and was rewarded with this incredible view

sambones718 / Via reddit.com

13. When this hotel decided to use the view as a selling point

Tudar87 / Via reddit.com

14. We booked a hotel last minute in Portland, the view was…breathtaking

Ashton623 / Via reddit.com

More info: r/ExpectationVsReality , BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: OwnedYou / Reddit