1. Your parents can chat to you about “family gossip” safe in the knowledge that you can be trusted.

2. You have a few somewhat impressive meals that you can make for when people come over.

3. You buy gifts for grandparents, nieces, nephews etc separately from your parents.

4. You can use your intuition when it comes to whether a food is truly past its best before date.

5. There’s at least one vegetable that you genuinely enjoy eating.

6. You have at least one form of exercise you enjoy doing.

7. You have a handful of self-care things you know you can do when you feel a bit crap.

8. You remember to actually defrost meat from the freezer.

9. You try to pick flights at times you can bear to get up rather than the cheapest ones.

10. You wait for sales before making a big purchase.

11. You find going food shopping to be quite soothing. You prefer desserts that aren’t sickly sweet.

12. You make your own doctors appointments .

13. You make appointments with a hygienist without having to get a reminder.

14. You extol the virtues of switching to an electric toothbrush to anyone who will listen.

15. You see towels as something worth spending money on.

16. You know where important documents are (savings book, passport, recent bank statements etc), if you need them.

17. You have something that’s a bit of a “signature look” whether it’s a nail polish colour, a jacket, or a type of shoe you often wear.

18. You feel comfortable doing things alone like going to the cinema or a restaurant.

19. You don’t mind turning down invitations to things if you know it’s going to be too much for you.

20. You have a favourite chore that, if you must do chores, you don’t mind doing.

21. You have spares of things in case someone is staying over.

22. You’re actually interested in learning or studying something new.

23. Rather than press on with an argument, sometimes you think “is this actually worth fighting over?”

24. You know how to take care of yourself if you’re not feeling well.

25. You’ve found some way to track what’s going on in your week, whether it’s a diary, an app, or just your phone calendar or notes page.

26. You know what things are worth spending money on and which things prove that money doesn’t equal quality.

27. You make some effort to have at least a few of your “five a day” fruits and vegetables.

28. You’re aware of when you’ve been looking at a screen for too long and try to do something about it.

29. You sometimes bring a small gift when going to someone’s house.

30. You’re good at sending cards for things like someone buying a new home or graduating.

31. You make semi-realistic resolutions each year.

32. You know the bare minimum amount of sleep you can function on and generally get at least that amount every day.

33. You would rather save up to buy a slightly more expensive, better quality item of clothing rather than the cheaper one you initially planned to get.

34. You make some effort to use less energy at home (e.g. turning off the lights in rooms you’re not in.)

35. You bring reusable bags with you when you go shopping.

36. You don’t mind not weighing in on a subject if you’re aware you don’t actually know anything about it

37. You don’t feel like you have to justify your tastes in pop culture, there’s no such thing as a “guilty pleasure.”

38. You have developed a threshold for how much mess you’re happy to live with and rarely let your home get messier than that.

39. You get just as much, if not more, joy from getting your loved ones presents as you do receiving them.

Article have been lightly edited for length/clarity.

Via BuzzFeed