1. I went to the bathroom and forgot to shut the door

atmospheric / Via imgur.com

2. Bring a toddler to a wedding they said, it will be cute they said…

I_AM_HE_WHO_IS_I_AM / Via reddit.com

3. Momming ain’t easy

_beardedweirdo_ / Via instagram.com

4. “Mom, he’s too hot and he needs a fan.” Imagine waking up to this.

SeriesOfAdjectives / Via reddit.com

5. I heard this kid yelling for his dad at Lowe’s, I went looking for him and…..

GetALoadOfToad / Via reddit.com

6. Kept track of how many times my 3 year old asked me “why?” in one day.

motherofmischief / Via reddit.com

7. Don’t let your child use your laptop

craghawk / Via reddit.com

8. Have a Baby they said… it will be fun they said…. (Decibel meter for reference)

DDario / Via reddit.com

9. Baking & prepping for her 1 year old’s birthday party

straightwestcoastin / Via reddit.com

10. We got these bathroom doors because we thought they were trendy. That was before we had a toddler.


11. Thug life

Benbelnap / Via twitter.com

12. My friend got tired of his kids losing the remotes

danthoms / Via reddit.com

13. Sometimes you get a playpen to keep the kid out!

MightyMaddie / Via reddit.com

14. My cousins had a paint party at their daycare and now they look like a cartoon character when a bomb explodes

ShiningMark20 / Via reddit.com

15. Motherfu*king three-year-olds

madeyouangry / Via reddit.com

16. Walked in the bathroom to find our precious child “washing” a book he found.

The_Anti-Monitor / Via reddit.com

17. My baby ordered 94 dollars worth of pizza off an app called Slice that doesn’t ask for payment info verification when placing an order.

Austin624 / Via reddit.com

18. Son to my wife: “Mommy , let’s play army guys. You can be this guy because he’s vacuuming.”

BSDZombie / Via reddit.com

19. Daughter’s first camping trip. This is how she wakes me up at 6:15 in the morning.

amonson1984 / Via reddit.com

20. My 4 year old found permanent markers and is so proud that he is now Darth Maul.

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Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: atmospheric / imgur