1. So, I googled world’s biggest frog and this came up


2. Flemish rabbits: Flemish rabbits are big, but Sandy is one of the biggest. Here she is with her pet Sheltie.


3. This rhinoceros beetle is amazingly huge!

MateriaLLo / Via reddit.com

4. Macroptychaster sea stars: These giant starfish were found by scientists in Antarctic waters in 2008.

imstillafraidofthedark / Via imgur.com

5. Nomura’s Jellyfish is one of the largest in the world.

Downlinx / Via imgur.com

6. Coconut crabs: Often mistaken for a ‘Camel Spider’ these aren’t as delicious as they sound. They are actually giant crabs with claws powerful enough to crack coconuts. It is found on islands across the Indian Ocean and parts of the Pacific Ocean.

PfftHoldMyBeer / Via imgur.com

7. This is Freddy, the world’s tallest dog, and currently the Guinness World Record holder!

freddygreatdane / Via instagram.com

8. This beetle is found in South America, and the titan beetle is second only to the Hercules beetle in size. It can grow up to 6.5 inches.

TheFreeMarket / Via imgur.com

9. Meet Brutus, an 18 ft long crocodile who is believed to be 80 years old!

Downlinx / Via imgur.com

10. This type of horse is a percheron. They were originally bred for war but become suited to farm work. The pictured is the largest known.

shannonbtweet / Via imgur.com

11. This lizard can grow up to 6 ft in length, it’s almost completely blind. It’s also the largest amphibian in the world.

Downlinx / Via imgur.com

12. Flying fox: This fruit-eating bat is found in New Guinea and is the largest bat on the planet.


13. Japanese spider crab: A fishing staple for Japan, these crabs can weigh up to 41lbs and do serious damage with their claws.

Downlinx / Via imgur.com

14. Giant freshwater stingray: Otherwise known as nightmare fuel, these monsters can grow up to 1,300 lbs and are actually endangered.

JustABunchOfComments / Via imgur.com

15. African giant snail: This giant snail is found in East Africa and can reach up to 8 inches in length.

JustABunchOfComments / Via imgur.com

16. Could you ever even imagine a seal of this size?

durphurperson / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: Downlinx / Imgur, MateriaLLo / Reddit