1. Whoever made this totally reasonable sign.

Afroofthenight / Via reddit.com

2. Whoever did THIS to an emergency exit.

Emergency “exit” in a friend’s office building. First time they opened it was DURING A FIRE ALARM.
Bansaiii / Via reddit.com

3. Whoever forgot to take the plastic off this hotel’s smoke detector.

Tzunamitom / Via reddit.com

4. Whoever designed this staircase with a hidden last step.

How dangerous these stairs are.
DNZe / Via reddit.com

5. Whoever decided to build this staircase right outside a door.

Vjaa / Via reddit.com

6. Whoever came up with this nightmare-inducing fire escape.

ghatroad / Via reddit.com

7. Whoever put an ash tray right next to the “FLAMMABLE GAS: NO SMOKING” area.


8. Whoever fixed this telephone pole that was about to fall over with…tape.

lionpheti / Via reddit.com

9. Whoever thought this was a logical substitute for a real fire alarm.

RanaCarrolima / Via reddit.com

10. Whoever loaded up this pickup truck.

PlumesOfEnceladus / Via reddit.com

11. Whoever put these two signs next to each other.

mugsymegasaurus / Via reddit.com

12. Whoever set up this coffee station right above the outlet that powers it.

greenbarbie / Via reddit.com

13. Whoever put this outlet in a freaking SHOWER.

Kylz_1213 / Via reddit.com

14. Whoever installed this lock to keep you safe at night.

alex_herron / Via reddit.com

15. Whoever designed this bike path.

Pteti / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Bansaiii / Reddit, Afroofthenight / Reddit