1. When was the last time you tried to capture a special moment on camera but accidentally did math?

jesssytxx / Via twitter.com

2. It’s unlikely that your clothing currently spells the word “a*s”.

adamjmoussa / Via twitter.com

3. You’ve never received a text like this from your own grandmother.

jschwab23 / Via twitter.com

4. You know that it’s important to check who’s texting you before sending a response.

cactusjoee / Via twitter.com

5. You haven’t been the victim of a washing machine thief.

1SarahRose / Via twitter.com

6. Have you ever had a manicure result in this much of a misunderstanding?

LayneElia / Via twitter.com

7. You haven’t shown up to class with a chopping board.

abbydermody / Via twitter.com

8. You don’t have a kitchen disaster waiting to be cleaned up.

yasuhohirose / Via twitter.com

9. You’ve not jumped to the wrong conclusions while texting a friend.

emilycharlotte4 / Via twitter.com

10. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be played by your own dog.

vnevah / Via twitter.com

11. Have you ever been so exposed by an x-ray machine?

Sydney_allenn / Via twitter.com

12. You’ve not just been hit in the face by a rapper’s drumstick.

adrian__leos / Via twitter.com

13. A surprise party you’ve planned hasn’t been completely ruined.

NicoleDaviess_ / Via twitter.com

14. Your credit card isn’t a giant picture of your own face.

roasted_weenie / Via twitter.com

15. And finally, you haven’t just lost over $1,000.

benbelnap / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: jesssytxx / twitter