If you, like every other person in the entire world, always lose your remote, why not try…

1. A yard stick

At the Robinson house we take great MEASURES to not lose the Apple TV remote
mssarahrobinson / Via twitter.com

2. A lit’ral brick

Always losing the Apple tv remote so this is the solution…
clairelollis1 / Via twitter.com

3. An empty bottle of Tums

@SharayahColter got tired of me losing the apple remote in the sofa.
ScottColter / Via twitter.com

4. A little red flashlight

My dad was tired of losing the apple tv remote… This was his solution.
PeriGoucher / Via twitter.com

5. A rolling pin

I’m sick and tired of losing the Apple TV remote!!
roncorning / Via twitter.com

6. A plank of wood

Made a cool hack to keep this sleek weightless remote from constantly flying out of my hand and getting lost
thedahammel / Via twitter.com

7. A plank of wood of Plank from “Ed, Edd, and Eddy”

it’s a friday night and i wanted to let y’all know my boyfriend’s family was tired of losing the apple remote so they stuck it to plank
iriskhung / Via twitter.com

8. A crusty ol’ green sponge

To avoid losing the Apple remote my father-in-law tapes his to a sponge. Beautiful.
drj / Via twitter.com

9. The bottom of an old, worn out shoe

Apparently, it’s too easy to lose an apple remote
nikitonsky / Via twitter.com

10. A big ol’ hammer

I’ve owned this hammer for about 3 years and I FINALLY found a use for it (I’ll never lose the remote again!!!)
hclairecow / Via twitter.com

11. A hockey stick

My brother has a great solution for never losing the Apple TV remote
maddie__becker / Via twitter.com

12. An even bigger remote

How to not lose your apple remote
paigetortorice / Via twitter.com

13. A sinister looking bottle of orange liquid

Momma ain’t losin the apple remote ever again
malibukharbie / Via twitter.com

14. A pad

Paige’s ma lost the Apple TV remote and was asking me where it was….. now we won’t lose it again
rachelsleeve_ / Via twitter.com

15. A kitchen spoon

We keep losing the stupid Apple TV remote so we taped it to a wooden spoon
itsacarolyn / Via twitter.com

And a plastic spoon

You know you are a Pollock when you attach your Apple TV remote to a spoon.
jsaboda / Via twitter.com

16. A wiffle ball bat

we got tired of losing our Apple TV remote
tbielawa / Via twitter.com

17. Your grandma’s family ladle

This how tired I am of this damn family losing the damn roku remote
Bruisey / Via twitter.com

18. Or just your hand

I lose this remote ever 5 min but that’s not gonna happen anymore
lex_this_girl / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: clairelollis1 / twitter