1. This carrot has other carrots inside it.

Papa_Zit / Via reddit.com

2. This chess piece that had a pawn hiding inside

WantedOnAVoyage / Via reddit.com

3. One of my chess knights broke and revealed a dice hidden inside it

benbmw / Via reddit.com

4. The inside of my daughter’s snap bracelet is a from a tape measure.

ryanispiper / Via reddit.com

5. Dropped a frog lawn decoration only to discover 2 snowmen inside

Brutl / Via reddit.com

6. My dad cut open one of the first tomatoes from his garden and found a “strawberry” growing inside it.

qsexy / Via reddit.com

7. One of my dice cracked and revealed another one hidden inside it

couldbeit / Via reddit.com

8. This screwdriver handle has another handle inside of it

shafthurtsalot / Via reddit.com

9. Cut open a growth on a bell pepper and found a living ant trapped inside

Chezzabe / Via reddit.com

10. The inside of my iPad case is made of old toothpaste boxes

Theultravisitor / Via reddit.com

11. Cracked cue ball reveals another ball hidden inside

FLORI_DUH / Via reddit.com

12. This pill broke in my purse and revealed a smaller pill inside it

helpimacraygf / Via reddit.com

13. Orange inside orange

Melitzilla / Via reddit.com

14. Mini crab found inside of mussel shell

msmilktea / Via reddit.com

15. This golf ball inside a log I found.

TheWackyProphet / Via reddit.com

16. I cut and apple in half this morning and found the seeds had started sprouting inside the apple.

RyanTellsaStory / Via reddit.com

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