1. This guy getting in a wreck while eating mom’s spaghetti

JakeBroughton / Via reddit.com

2. Just saw this on my way to work, guy had skids 15 feet in the air with 2 ratchet straps and that’s it

Zicoya96 / Via reddit.com

3. This driver who obviously has x-ray vision

Square-wave / Via reddit.com

4. Someone transporting a fridge or freezer in Lansing MI

ShaKeyJ101 / Via reddit.com

5. This guy who thought he found a shortcut

Inigomntoya / Via reddit.com

6. If it fits, it ships

JayDee240 / Via reddit.com

7. Anyone who thinks this is acceptable

abruski / Via reddit.com

8. This person casually driving without a wheel

sodella / Via reddit.com

9. This person who doesn’t realize there are only three lanes

Cynaran / Via reddit.com

10. My friend heard an odd noise in her car…

alyxvance420 / Via reddit.com

11. This dude deciding to climb a biketrail with his car

klonkish / Via reddit.com

12. The driver of this inventive 3-wheeler

Thumbs0fDestiny / Via reddit.com

13. This cinderblock death trap

procclaim / Via reddit.com

14. This person who doesn’t realize the mattress also deflates

ManbearpigDa / Via reddit.com

15. This driver with a very serious problem

Turtletwoshells / Via reddit.com

16. The driver of this house on wheels

MrSquirly / Via reddit.com

17. This “partly blind” driver

ODB2 / Via reddit.com

18. This dude, who may not be a bad driver, but is 100% an idiot

pdattle / Via reddit.com

More info: r/IdiotsInCars, H/T BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ODB2 / Reddit