1. Saying “No worries!”

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2. Loving coffee, but hating that it makes you even MORE anxious!!

maryjennaa / Via twitter.com

3. Getting to third base.

proletariatitty / Via twitter.com

4. Texting people “r u mad at me lol.”

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5. Being ANXIOUSLY early to everything.

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6. Not wanting to do anything ever, and only doing things out of fear of being forgotten!!!

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7. Seeing someone special.

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8. Jumping to conclusions because why the hell not!!!

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10. Overthinking EVERY possibility.

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11. Self-diagnosing various life-threatening diseases!!!

LackOfShame / Via twitter.com

12. Getting dragged by your therapist!!!

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13. Wanting to solve everybody’s problems but your own.

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14. Not responding to texts because it’s quite honestly too much stress!!!

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15. Having at least one anti-anxiety app on your phone.

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16. Remembering NEW random things to worry about!!!

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And FINALLY, not even being sure what you’re worried about, but trust me, you are WORRIED.

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