1. It’s REALLY not what it looks like…

Damn. That one actually took me a min to figure out!
DingsDaBumsTa / Via reddit.com

2. This took me too long to get they’re chairs in the reflection

Pabs_K / Via reddit.com

3. Sadly, the sun isn’t giving this guy a shoulder rub.

H4yvan / Via reddit.com

4. This boy is not flexing.

GraantjePappie / Via reddit.com

5. This picture of a car bumper taken after a car crash looks like it belongs to car coming from another dimension.

Vatramint / Via reddit.com

6. This woman doesn’t have tiny legs

Y2SHAF / Via twitter.com

7. This man is not staring

BiancaRyan / Via twitter.com

8. This man is not pretending like he’s touching this woman’s butt

I’ve never noticed that despite the tower leaning, the flag is vertical.
the_unlight / Via reddit.com

9. That nose does not belong to this child.

jaykirsch / Via reddit.com

10. This room is a lot larger than it looks at first glance.

The giant designs on the carpet are what tricked my mind initially.
Steeeeve_Maaadden / Via reddit.com

11. This woman is not a centaur.

prof_tornasol / Via reddit.com

12. This dog does not have terrifying teeth.

Dvfreeman1990 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: milanoysl / twitter