1. We promise this isn’t as gruesome as it might look upon first glance…

BunnyAdorbs / Via reddit.com

2. Looks like his leg got burnt off.

Glihhh / Via reddit.com

3. You wouldn’t be the first to think that there was a cat at this concert…

ecd4517 / Via reddit.com

4. I’m sorry to bother you, but your dog seems to be melting.

hoopderscotch / Via reddit.com

5. This is a lawn and not, apparently, a killer concert…

TomBytheway / Via reddit.com

6. These are not flying ships

AntonioFlores1 / Via reddit.com

7. Those are not chickens, weirdly

Flaming_Ice_ / Via reddit.com

8. These are not ducks!

rayneraynedrops / Via reddit.com

9. This dog is actually probably perfectly fine…

cullenscottt / Via reddit.com

10. Why does this dog look absolutely house-sized?

pujia47 / Via reddit.com

11. There is a weird nose situation going on here…

BunnyAdorbs / Via reddit.com

12. This is not a shot of Jupiter, sadly

YoshiPuffin3 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ecd4517 / reddit, cullenscottt / reddit