1. Daughter yelled at me to make her a “surprise snack”

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2. My mom got my sister beets by Dre.

theslush / Via twitter.com

3. My sister went to Military Ball… my dad wanted in

MommyDearest30 / Via reddit.com

4. My mom is struggling to comprehend secret santa :/

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5. This is a valuable life lesson for children. Never drink anything from an open container some jerk just gave you.

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6. I asked for an Apple Watch for my birthday. This is what I got.

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7. My parents always said they love their kids equally, but that is hard to believe when I come home for Christmas to this.

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8. This little girl asked for Frozen gifts this Christmas..

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9. Thanks Dad.

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10. Dad´s view of driving lessons

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11. Dad just wanted to spice up the photo.

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12. My sister posted a picture to Facebook, my Dad responded.

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13. A few years ago my son asked for an Xbox 360. My dad delivered…

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14. My dad put strawberries on his face and asked if he had an acne problem

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15. When your grandparents misunderstand what you want for Christmas.

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16. My parents gave me The Office themed birthday party.

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17. TO: my brother. From: my parents (his 23rd birthday cake)

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18. Her excuse was she didnt have any other picture frames, thanks mom.

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19. I found a horribly fun way to disappoint my kids in the morning!

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20. My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause “ain’t nobody help”

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21. Never ask your dad to bring you stuff at school

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22. My bro told my grandma, jokingly, he wanted 100 things from the dollar store for Christmas, grandma doesnt like being challenged

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23. I’m staying at my parents place for the night. My mom prepared the couch for me. I’m 27.

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24. Grandma bought me a new coffee mug for work. “You know, because it looks like poop and I know you think that’s funny.

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