1. Hey, you can’t see Violet. That’s a nice touch.

dunavale / Via reddit.com

2. This mirror installation found in a restaurant. For scale, I’m 5.3”

KolaDesi / Via reddit.com

3. I was searching for a back cover when this came up.

elementalneil / Via reddit.com

4. Wasting a third of the staircase

Inuj / Via reddit.com

5. She looks exactly like the cartoon…

CenturionElite / Via reddit.com

6. This gate

GGpajer / Via reddit.com

7. The heel of these heels are heels.

Daft_Serious / Via reddit.com

8. The on/off switch for this fan is located behind the blades.

alberteinsteindreams / Via reddit.com

9. Nice porch, but where is the door?

zivinkxter / Via reddit.com

10. These buttons

HanzoShotFirst / Via reddit.com

11. When you try to save money and turn 2010 into 2018

BetterHaIf / Via reddit.com

12. Why would you make holes in them?

darveshh / Via reddit.com

13. This kids swimsuit looks a little strange.

officialkfc / Via reddit.com

14. This Portuguese poster for soccer is so beautiful.

d3db0i / Via reddit.com

15. What are THOSE?

GallowBoob / Via reddit.com

16. This plug socket in this bus

FluffyNugget36 / Via reddit.com

17. If only a letter existed that somewhat resembled a slice of pizza

DianSnivy / Via reddit.com

18. Don’t think the owner of this hotel thought this through.

mediagarden / Via imgur.com

19. A chandelier would really tie all this florescent lighting and ceiling tiles together.

bsurfn2day / Via reddit.com

20. The buttons on this hotel elevator just about gave me a stroke.

bryanad26 / Via reddit.com

21. What a security system! Amazing!

Nebothegreen / Via reddit.com

22. When its 3 o’clock for 3 hours…

Arjen_T203 / Via reddit.com

23. I’m concerned about the inspiration behind these hotel curtains.

DoubleDuke101 / Via reddit.com

24. The colors of this carpet mosaic.

bastian74 / Via reddit.com

25. A plastic compass.

dascobaz / Via reddit.com

More info: r/CrappyDesign, H/T Bright Side, Preview photo credit: alberteinsteindreams / reddit, BetterHaIf / Reddit