1. Thanks to my local radio station I had to go get one of these and try it out…. Now I can’t unsee it

danloureg / Via instagram.com

2. At a Christmas store in Ireland…

glxyjones / Via reddit.com

3. The Star Wars fan who ordered a Rey ornament that couldn’t have looked less like Daisy Ridley if it tried

imcarriemarie / Via instagram.com

4. The family that only wanted to put out their reindeer figurines without their dog straight-up decapitating one

jay_chap88 / Via instagram.com

5. Wife wanted to get down our Christmas tree from the attic. I told her not to step on the drywall… She later admitted that she didn’t know what drywall was.

KustomKonceptz / Via reddit.com

6. The city stroller who only wanted to go for a walk in the crisp, December air

ISpikInglisVeriBest / Via reddit.com

7. The person who only wanted their tree to stay vertical.

Our tree was really pretty for about 20 minutes.
funerallison / Via instagram.com

8. The mom who only wanted the tree she ordered to look remotely like the photo in the ad

erinrdnutritionist / Via instagram.com

9. Trying to watch my kids Christmas concert…

SLIMv3n0m / Via reddit.com

10. Sooo I ordered myself a Christmas sweater…I was pretty excited about it not gonna lie….and then it gets here…and apparently I ordered a little girls medium instead of an adult medium and now I’m sad

j_leigh89 / Via instagram.com

11. The kid who was a little too excited to open their present

ChristineDamaris / Via reddit.com

12. This scrabble wrapping paper…

Samnmax95 / Via reddit.com

13. The person whose peanut butter “tree” looked more like something that came out of the dog

Seriouslyiseveryusernametaken / Via imgur.com

14. The mom who only wanted to make her family a delicious treat for Christmas morning

imdrea / Via instagram.com

15. After receiving a $50 gift card for Walmart as a Christmas gift from my boss, I was happy until I saw that it had been deducted from my paycheck.


Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: erinrdnutritionist / instagram