Does it count as friendship if instead of both of us taking turns talking about our lives, i just scream for a while & you listen
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him: hi, I’m Tom
me: nice to meet you uhh…
my brain: cmon he literally just said his name 3 seconds ago
me: m…mom
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Who says making friends as an adult is hard

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Nobody talks about Jesus’ miracle of having 12 close friends in his 30s
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REALITY TV PITCH: The Bachelor but for making friends as an adult. Replace chopper rides w/text misunderstandings & smoothie walk ‘n’ talks.
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I thought I was forming a real friendship. She and I met up for drinks at least once a week. We texted at all hours. We shared mascara. I met her mom. Then one day, out of nowhere, she said “Birthday Month.”
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Me: Making friends as an adult is so hard!!!
Also me: Cancels plans with a potential new friend because I don’t feel like putting on pants
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ME: “Anyways” isn’t a word. You mean “anyway”
THERAPIST: ANYWAY, we were talking about your difficulty making friends
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“it’s hard making friends as an adult in the city” I murmur
“did you sit at Sweetgreen all day in case we came?” Michelle asks, inching away
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HER: I know making friends as an adult is hard, just try asking questions.
{Later at a bar}
ME (who has not tried to make friends since 3rd grade): What’s your favorite dinosaur mine’s triceratops.
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me at 18: I only need a few good friends
me at 28: wow a few??? I had a whole few friends?????? What was I, a friend billionaire?????????????
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Me: We got invited to two parties this weekend.
Wife: Wow. We finally have friends.
Me: We’re skipping both, right?
Wife: Obviously.
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why does making friends as an adult take so much planning? also, there need to be more friendship activities in a city that don’t involve physical exertion. like no, i don’t want to get together to play soccer or dance. i just want to sit. and talk about the moon.
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