1. Like this really important life advice
Idk who needs to hear this but bit*h you su*k at money management. Stop spending your money on dumb sh*t, stop impulse buying, and most importantly cook at home and stop eating out… bit*h
Btrillaaa / Via twitter.com

2. This idea that needs to be sent to Netflix ASAP
Netflix needs a category called While You’re Texting.
bazecraze / Via twitter.com

3. This very scientific explanation

Theo_Karras_ / Via twitter.com

4. When you realize you didn’t learn as much practical knowledge as you thought in school
Thanks to my public education, I know how to square dance but not how to do taxes
DanaSchwartzzz / Via twitter.com

5. If you’ve ever been to a straight guy’s apartment, this one will ring true

kathasty / Via twitter.com

6. This tweet that introduced the phrase “horny and not proud” into our lexicon
Why do I text guys “well let me know if you wanna meet up again,” as if the reason they haven’t texted me is because they’re waiting for my permission? I’ll tell you why I do that, because I’m horny and not proud.
ColeEscola / Via twitter.com

7. When Cardi B’s energy is what you need if you’re coming off a breakup
Cardi B did an interview about offset cheating and said “I’m not even worried about it, he’s gonna go from this to what?? What’s better then me??” And that energy is wtf I’m talking about
ShelbsDobbs / Via twitter.com

8. This haircut observation
A bowl cut is really just 360 degree bangs
joeygllghr / Via twitter.com

9. This Christmas observation
*gets on soapbox *
if your ugly sweater was designed to be an ugly sweater then it doesn’t actually count as an ugly sweater. the true spirit of ugly sweaters is that they were designed in earnest and the shifting sands of time and fashion eroded them to their present ugliness
AnicaCihla / Via twitter.com

10. And if you’ve ever seen one of the Final Destination movies, this one will make so, so much sense
Final Destination doesn’t get enough credit.. it’s been years and certain situations from that movie still fu*k me up.. I refuse to drive behind any big truck carrying wood on the highway
vickto_willy / Via twitter.com

11. When you’re on a budget
Yall Ever Put a $7.02 Pack of Chicken Back and Got a Pack That Was $6.98???
SwaGGTheRapper / Via twitter.com

12. How toddlers cough

aliahgeyes / Via twitter.com

13. If you have hazel eyes (or know someone with hazel eyes), this one definitely is REAL

snollygoster123 / Via twitter.com

14. This technology issue

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15. Being tipsy around your folks

realellek / Via twitter.com

16. When you’re always ready for a nap

INDIEWASHERE / Via twitter.com

17. Being employed, and feeling this way
idk why my job assumes that i’m asking for permission when i request days off.. it’s a suggestion that y’all should find coverage because i’m not showing up lol
_scyne / Via twitter.com

18. The difference between a friend and a BEST FRIEND

niborahsa / Via twitter.com

19. Thinking about the different forms of “self care”

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20. And speaking of “self care”, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, THIS MEANS YOU
Stop scrolling aimlessly through social media and go to sleep.
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