1. For a brief moment I thought my dad had gotten me an amazing Christmas present…

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2. This girl on my FB might as well burn her tree down

AngryB3ar / Via reddit.com

3. This kid who asked for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and got this instead.

My son asked the elf to bring him a Nintendo switch. He found this in his stocking this morning and was sorely disappointed. He is now drawing a picture for the elf, trying to help him know what he really wanted.
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4. Someone got a great Christmas present…

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5. There goes Christmas lunch

ManMyNameSureIsFunny / Via reddit.com

6. I was putting up Christmas lights on my roof a while back when this happened…

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7. I bought my dog an advent calender, who then explored all 24 days of Christmas while I was pumping gas

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8. This poor mom who just wanted to make the house nice for Christmas.

zoe_xo / Via reddit.com

9. This family whose cat got in a fight with the tree — and won.

MainePoster / Via reddit.com

10. This family that had to make some real sacrifices in the tree department because of their own naughty cat.

Blackout73 / Via reddit.com

11. This family that had to lock their tree inside a literal cage to keep the cat out.

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12. My sweet innocent mother got my sister a thermos with her initials monogramed on it for Christmas.

Snowy_Boy / Via reddit.com

13. Being the older “mature” brother on Christmas morning

Rico04 / Via reddit.com

14. This kid who got a hoverboard from Santa and then promptly ruined Christmas dinner.

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15. I don’t think my mum paid attention to the jumper she got me for Christmas…

CallMeCurious / Via reddit.com

16. Why the wife says we can no longer have a real Christmas tree.

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17. Neighbor just tried to throw his Christmas tree from the balcony. Not sure where it should’ve landed ideally.

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18. My parents made my wife a stocking for Christmas.

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