1. We finally got up close and personal with our old friend Pluto

MichaelGalanin / Via twitter.com

2. There are hologram concert tours

egghan__ / Via twitter.com

3. That cutting edge phone everyone had in 2004 is in a MUSEUM

spjeff / Via twitter.com

4. Floppy discs might as well be from the Stone Age

RobLowe84 / Via twitter.com

5. 128MB has become 256GB

ValaAfshar / Via twitter.com

6. By the way, this is what 10MB looked like in the 1960s

novartistic / Via reddit.com

7. While we’re at it, see this picture? That’s the world’s smallest computer next to a single GRAIN OF RICE


8. And that floppy disc thing?

bill_gross / Via twitter.com

9. There are apps that translate in real time

ToddWalker__ / Via twitter.com

10. Flash drives that display how full they are

thefifthgiant / Via reddit.com

11. You can charge laptops… IN TREES

sematico / Via reddit.com

12. Blind mothers can touch 3D ultrasounds of their children

TheKnowledge / Via twitter.com

13. We have telescopes that can capture images of over 15,000 galaxies. 15,000!

NASA, ESA, P. Oesch (University of Geneva), and M. Montes (University of New South Wales)

14. There are SHOES that can be CHARGED

thedadfromJumanji / Via reddit.com

15. Toasters with “lift and look” buttons so you can see how far along your toast is

stefanielouise / Via reddit.com

16. Did I mention that people are forgetting to charge THEIR ARMS???

aannggeellll / Via twitter.com

17. Even cookies are getting in on the fun


18. And, best of all, you can bother people from anywhere around the world

_Taylor_Turtle / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: businessinsider.com, novartistic / reddit