1. Last night I worked my final shift as a waitress. I present to you my last supper.

Brooklyn03 / Via reddit.com

2. Boyfriend knocked over his orange juice, waitress brought him this.

41149512 / Via reddit.com

3. Best waiter ever!

Bleached-Asshole / Via reddit.com

4. My waitress saw that I liked the powerpuff girls so she made a blossom to go with my chocolate cheesecake.

lyssiemiller / Via reddit.com

5. My buddy told me that “lattes are for pussies” as I ordered one. Here is how the barista interpreted what he said.

willdogs / Via reddit.com

6. Our waiter doodled on our receipts at Denny’s today.

Phil_Minutz / Via reddit.com

7. My dad asked the waitress for “one very small check.” I think that she out-dadjoked him in response.

Banana_Man15 / Via reddit.com

8. After a huge meal (Schweinshaxe) in Berlin I asked for just a small beer. This is what the waiter brought me

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9. Last night at Waffle House my friends and I asked our waiter to take a picture of us with my iPhone. He made us do a bunch of different poses and then walked away laughing… Every picture he took was like this.

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10. I ordered a burger and told my waiter that for every pickle I receive, I will destroy a city. He returned with this and said “My least favorite places”

THammock / Via reddit.com

11. When the waiter asked what my little brother wanted for dessert, he said “nothing.” He was not amused.

kayleecakes / Via reddit.com

12. A waiter gave me this when I was crying in Village Inn restaurant. I responded with the bottom image.

Dragonhuntx / Via imgur.com

13. This was our servers shirt.

Pigpen89 / Via reddit.com

14. Don’t mess with your food servers.

nate81 / Via reddit.com

15. Told my waitress I was feeling sick, she came back with this…

comeback_season / Via reddit.com

16. Most awesome waitress. Ever.

FrancesFloyd / Via reddit.com

17. My bartender wins Halloween

TheKronk / Via reddit.com

18. I overheard a rude customer so I told the waitress she was doing a great job.

SoulDevil74 / Via reddit.com

19. My friend spilled his orange juice too, but our waitress was more ruthless…

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20. I think my barista is trolling me.

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