1. All dogs go to heaven.

fvcklife / Via reddit.com

2. Can you find the 2nd elephant in the water (hint)?

The water flying onto this elephant looks like an elephant too
RailTieYardGame / Via reddit.com

3. Bad omen?

blockheadmoto / Via instagram.com

4. A shark hanging upside down looks like someone laughing maniacally

71RS / Via reddit.com

5. Get yourself someone whos as happy to see you like this beer is happy to see me

Avade_ / Via reddit.com

6. Cat or dog jumping over a house? Which one do you see?

EHDAwesomeness / Via reddit.com

7. He fried for our sins

dogwatchingporn / Via reddit.com

8. The makeup squirt on my sponge resembled a cat this morning.

naomi9190 / Via reddit.com

9. An eroded rock.


10. You get afraid thinking these are Ku Klux Klan members until you realize they are only closed parasols in the beach

DraftDraw / Via reddit.com

11. My god…

parabola01 / Via reddit.com

12. This plant that looks like a human face

itsokqc / Via reddit.com

13. There was a sausage from breakfast that fell in, thought someone had lost a finger.

Lewish01 / Via reddit.com

14. This Odd Bonsai

MrMagius / Via reddit.com

15. Was cooking pasta when suddenly cookie monster.

CaliG831 / Via reddit.com

16. This microphone looks like he really messed up.

jackrussell100 / Via reddit.com

17. Treacherous bedroom lamp shadow.

RonnynnoR / Via reddit.com

18. This cactus looks like it’s giving the middle finger.

MBisme / Via reddit.com

19. When you just can’t bear it anymore.

MRFSTOP / Via imgur.com

20. Honestly, I feel threatened right now.

Onicss / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: Lewish01 / Reddit, CaliG831 / Reddit