1. This house made it appear as though the Christmas tree is going through the roof.

clit_or_us / Via reddit.com

2. My wife made a Christmas fireplace out of wine boxes and brown paper.

Keiggo / Via reddit.com

3. This prosthetic Christmas tree.

notsurewhatidoin / Via reddit.com

4. This house decorated with giant car freshener trees for Christmas.

GrrreatFrostedFlakes / Via reddit.com

5. This Christmas tree building spotted from the road.

Krossrunner / Via reddit.com

6. This wedding I’m at gave us seed to grow our on Christmas tree.

BigDongDingDong / Via reddit.com

7. Small local coffee shop doesn’t have enough space for a Christmas tree so they tied it to the ceiling.

Jueviolagrace / Via reddit.com

8. The city dresses our buses up for Christmas.

ItsdaBreakfast / Via reddit.com

9. This dead pirate crew that’s in the Christmas spirit

Misticalis / Via reddit.com

10. Someone decorated this abandoned bike for Christmas.

hellafyno / Via reddit.com

11. The christmas Coca Cola bottles come with a tiny santa hat in my country.

kbantonsen / Via reddit.com

12. Someone turned a tree into a giant Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

ballplayer0025 / Via reddit.com

13. My dad works with computers and made this wreath out of RAM chips, cardboard, LAN cable, zip ties and keys from a keyboard.

DrGiggleFritz / Via reddit.com

14. A resident put up some FAQ in front of their house regarding their Christmas lights display.

jpsfg / Via reddit.com

15. This Bob Ross light sculpture that is a piece of art all on its own.

Saint-Vith / Via reddit.com

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