1. How one of my roommates “changes” the toilet paper.

yubnub1972 / Via reddit.com

2. My roommate got a food saver. I hate him.

caffeinateintoxicate / Via reddit.com

3. This roommate who doesn’t believe in containers

ihaverocketlegs / Via reddit.com

4. This roommate who also doesn’t believe in containers

__Shrugs__ / Via reddit.com

5. This roommate who couldn’t be bothered to use the aluminium foil properly.

bass_ace / Via reddit.com

6. This roommate who ate all the Lunchable cookies and put the packaging back in the fridge.

yolheim / Via reddit.com

7. My roommates toothpaste.

StNikolai / Via reddit.com

8. My beloved grill after my roommate hosted a super bowl party.

chaotic2h / Via reddit.com

9. These roommates who couldn’t be bothered to take the trash out.

Jaemeson-Foster / Via reddit.com

10. My roommate ate all of the peanut butter cups off of the cupcakes that were made.

posttitnote / Via reddit.com

11. The way my roommate leaves our kitchen.

akangaroojack1 / Via reddit.com

12. My roommate decided to open another sleeve of crackers before finishing the first one. Twice.

the_purple_god / Via reddit.com

13. This roommate who doesn’t understand how resealable packaging should be opened.

9378West / Via reddit.com

14. My roommate did this… again!!

FollyAdvice / Via reddit.com

15. How my roommates put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

stoneymcstone420 / Via reddit.com

16. This roommate who tried to stick their roommate’s lenses with superglue after breaking their glasses.

iamllamma / Via reddit.com

17. This roommate who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the sink

jameizing777 / Via reddit.com

18. This roommate who flat out refuses to change it

Z5555517 / Via reddit.com

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