My parents would make my older brother and sister choose one of the encyclopedias, turn to a random page, and start copying everything down until my parents told them to stop.”
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My punishment wasn’t go to my room, it was to watch C-SPAN. I would have to watch politics for hours.
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My sisters and I would have to memorize passages from Shakespeare together. It was horrible to be fighting and then sit together for half an hour or more memorizing and reciting until my dad returned.
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My dad made us all go to the back of a 45-minute line at the theme park because I was being impatient and bratty.
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My best friend and I snuck out and walked to the nearby convenience store late at night in 6th grade. My father made me write a 20-page research paper on Watergate. I have no idea why he chose the topic but the knowledge has come in handy many times.
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I threw a ton of glitter on my brother when he was in the bath tub. My parents bought a giant bag of glitter and dumped it on my bed. They made me count it and would not give me my phone or laptop back until I did.
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We would always be grounded from our rooms instead of to our rooms. It was the worst. You don’t realize how much is in your room until you aren’t allowed to go in it.
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My dad is a graduate school professor and he made us write essays about what we had done wrong, why it was wrong, and what we should have done instead. We had to cite sources and use outside information or research.
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I desperately wanted to order WrestleMania. Well, I was acting like a little sh*t, so my dad ordered WrestleMania, sat in the living room, watched it, and made me sit in the other room where I could just barely hear it but couldn’t see it.
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“Shower Hour.” Whenever a zero was posted for any assignment, we had to sit in the shower for one hour. This was for each zero, every day, until that zero was taken out of the grade book. Obviously the water wasn’t on, you just sat in the bathtub with your school books and no phone, no music, and no company.
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When I was a kid, anytime my grandfather heard me say I was bored, he’d make me read the newspaper next to him.
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My sister and I were arguing over some cheap plastic recorder (the musical kind). I wanted it because she wanted it, and she wanted it because I wanted it. In the end, my dad walked up to us and settled it by breaking the recorder in half and handing us each a piece.
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I didn’t want to eat my cereal because I thought it was too soggy, so my mom made me sit there until I ate it all. Of course by the time I finally ate it, soggy was a distant memory. It was basically soup.
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I created a dummy and put it in my bed, then snuck out the window. When I got home, the dummy was still there. I started dancing and celebrating, then the dummy popped up. It was my dad. I nearly sh*t myself.
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Mom always told us not to use too much ketchup because we always ended up wasting a lot. One day, I went overboard with the ketchup, again, and she made me eat all the ketchup I didn’t use with a spoon.
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My dad once grounded me, and in order to be free and able to hang out with friends, I had to complete a 1,000 piece puzzle.
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