1. Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges…

Funkmonk_360 / Via reddit.com

2. This is my friends cat eating dinner. I think he’s broken.

lilred181 / Via reddit.com

3. He is such a weirdo. Anything for a belly rub.

icemanlax20 / Via reddit.com

4. My GF sent me this while I was on the toilet.

kickahippo / Via reddit.com

5. The perfect balance.


6. Just normal cat logic, the food the other cats get is always better, even if it’s the same.

Ryozuo / Via reddit.com

7. That’s exactly how I look after having my pizza.

heylookatmeIamMrmeeseeks / Via imgur.com

8. Spider cat, spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does.

IIwaterfountains / Via imgur.com

9. How to trap a cat

SneakyChino / Via imgur.com

10. One is a pillow and the other is a blanket. Everybody wins.


11. This is how I was woken up this morning…

goldenjosh / Via reddit.com

12. Normally she goes for faucets…

Serfty / Via reddit.com

13. My cat being a jerk, then laughing at me.

Captain_Ashley_Bob / Via reddit.com

14. If I can’t see anybody, nobody can see me.

vonage91 / Via reddit.com

15. Need? Want? No, don’t care, still taking.

asstasticbum / Via reddit.com

16. I think I’ll sit right…here

joshanders84 / Via reddit.com

17. I just wanted to help with the decorations!

AsteroidRushGame / Via reddit.com

18. Seriously? Cat logic!

llsimonll / Via reddit.com

19. You’re doing it wrong …

catpuccinoz / Via reddit.com

20. My cat is terrified of our vacuum cleaner and found a good place to be safe and observe it.

Acetosella / Via imgur.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: Ryozuo / Reddit