1. When cats and dogs get along :)

pavelmok / Via reddit.com

2. My cat thinks my dog is delicious.


3. Watching.

ateart / Via imgur.com

4. This baby loves her giant friend with all her heart.

mailey_thee_boston_pigcow / Via instagram.com

5. Even animals love a good spoon.

yummie4mytummie / Via reddit.com

6. Hi best fwiend!

themanofspiel / Via reddit.com

7. 4 months old doggo and 3 months old kitten.

MagicDeceiver / Via reddit.com


solomonkkm / Via instagram.com

9. Unsure puppy cuddling with his adoptive cat family.

Mimi0726 / Via imgur.com

10. Now where am I going to rest my head?

ashumsthecat / Via reddit.com

11. Dog And Cat Best Friends.


12. Pretty good mattress.

Kitnado / Via reddit.com

13. This big brother is not allowed to move a single inch, but look how happy it makes his baby sister.

TheBilalZafar / Via reddit.com

14. Get your thinking CAT on.

kinsleythelab / Via instagram.com

15. A photogenic pairing of pals

shandi__ / Via instagram.com

16. This looks like a great spot to lay down!

Davesnothere300 / Via reddit.com

17. Nice to have a buddy when you’re down & out.

kelldog24 / Via reddit.com

18. My cat really likes the new dog….


19. There are never too many kisses for this set of pals.

lifewithtoby / Via instagram.com

20. You might want to reinflate your kitten.

Tibor09 / Via reddit.com

21. The cat is the hat.

thee_earl / Via reddit.com

22. When you see someone looking at Bae in public.

kinsleythelab / Via instagram.com

23. My dog is sick and the cat is trying SO hard to cheer him up!

AshleyEBarnett / Via imgur.com

24. Body pillow.

NotMyRealName14 / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: reddit.com, kinsleythelab / instagram