1. “Napping” for days at a time
College culture is telling yourself you’re gonna take a 10 minute nap but knowing damn well you’re sleeping till the next sem
seanzoned4life / Via twitter.com

2. Getting rewarded for slacking and punished for trying
College culture is getting an A in a class u showed up to literally twice and getting a C+ in a class ur genuinely interested in and put effort into hahahaha such is lyf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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3. Going from having nothing to do to having a million things to do in the span of a day
College culture is going from having nothing to do to being the most stressed you’ve ever been in your life
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4. Asking this important question
College culture is having to ask “is this water” before drinking out of a water bottle in someone’s room
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5. Catching up on one class at the expense of another
College culture is skipping class to study for another class, then skipping class again to catch up on the first class you skipped
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6. Sprinkling these words into a sh*tty essay

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7. Treating your body like sh*t
College culture is treating your body like literal sh*t and then complaining that one glass of emergen-c didn’t cure you from every ailment
lizziefanslow / Via twitter.com

8. Snack-eating as a way of life
College culture is going hours without eating and then tasting a cheez it and being like wow? this is so delicious is this what they call gourmet?
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9. Not knowing your classmates’ names
College student culture is sitting with the same people every day in class and still not knowing their names.
Books_Storms / Via twitter.com

10. Getting creative when money’s tight
College culture is cleaning ur sink w a makeup wipe bc clorox wipes weren’t in the budget this week
ClaireSophiaD / Via twitter.com

11. Always missing either home or school

irregularpapi / Via twitter.com

12. Mastering the art of procrastination
College culture is planning your procrastination time perfectly so you have enough time to finish your assignment by the due date.
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13. Having good intentions — Part I
Part of college culture is once in a while getting fully ready for class but then realizing getting ready was way too much effort and you can’t be fu*ked to actually go to your class bc you need a nap
holy_schnitt / Via twitter.com

14. Having good intentions — Part II
College culture is taking your backpack with you on trips knowing damn well you aren’t going to do t but you’ll feel even more guilty leaving it
izabellagtz / Via twitter.com

15. Being a thesaurus when it comes to word count

deanfluence / Via twitter.com

16. Treating yourself to Starbucks…every single day
College student culture is eating Kraft mac and cheese for lunch and dinner but spending $5 on coffee
libbybahr / Via twitter.com

17. And endlessly searching for an open table at the coffeeshop
College culture is having an hour to study for a test and then spending 45 minutes going to different coffee shops looking for an open table
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18. Lying about where you’re from
College student culture is saying the nearest big city to your actual hometown when people ask “where are you from” so they don’t get confused
DaiviPatel / Via twitter.com

19. Dropping this line in group discussions
some college student in a discussion:
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
just to piggyback off of what you said
UnicornAnna / Via twitter.com

20. Completely misunderstanding the dynamics of sleep
College student culture is thinking that sleeping thirteen hours in one night will balance out with the two all nighters you pulled.
AScalzi98 / Via twitter.com

21. Telling this white lie
College student culture is telling your parents you have an assignment due at midnight so that you can get off the phone and go back to doing nothing.
Grntub / Via twitter.com

22. And finally, caring a lot about grades at the very last minute

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