1. Tested the label maker, he was not amused.

Is being an orange his second setting?
luckman42 / Via reddit.com

2. My friend ran out of tape wrapping gifts. Thank goodness for label makers!

phograph / Via reddit.com

3. I ain’t afraid of no goats.

TheRiverMonkey / Via reddit.com

4. Label makers are fun.

slavethewhales / Via reddit.com

5. When this girl made a straight-forward explainer

KatraHigher / Via twitter.com

6. And this…

mtabish3 / Via twitter.com

7. Someone at my office got label maker happy, end rhyme style.

thejournalizer / Via reddit.com

8. My buddy always sits in the same spot, so I figured I’d utilize our label maker for once.

BeerBellyBlake / Via reddit.com

9. My husband got a label maker last night. This is the adorable note he left me in the shower.

yrdingleberriesbrown / Via reddit.com

10. My wife bought me a label maker for Christmas. She keeps using it…


11. Not everyone is happy about my new label maker.

camperjohn64 / Via reddit.com

12. When this dad had more fun playing with a label maker than any of us have had in the last 10 years.

_the_blessedone / Via twitter.com

13. When this inventory of gadgets, gizmos, whosits, and also whatsits was accounted for.

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14. When this girl found a new, interactive way to teach her friends a second language

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