1. 19 year old coworker drove Power Wheels to work. That’s a car battery on the hood.

phuckinshite / Via reddit.com

2. They had to turn one of the men’s bathrooms into the women’s bathroom at my fiances work party.

jdp12199 / Via reddit.com

3. This person who left their “coworkers’ underwear” in a desk drawer to freak out the new guy.

The empty, labeled bags really sell it.
mainprise / Via reddit.com

4. This manager’s response to a broken heart.

ollietttaa / Via twitter.com

5. This harmless office prank

joceyyys / Via twitter.com

6. To everyone at work that has been eating my jellybeans..now the fun begins.

slimjimi09 / Via reddit.com

7. This cake that was given to a recently-promoted coworker.

WASD_Burn / Via reddit.com

8. Had to put these on the doors at work today.

Novandalis / Via reddit.com

9. These orchid thieves.

Oh_Sweet_Cheesus / Via reddit.com

10. This coworker who just didn’t get Twitter humor

colingotjokes / Via twitter.com

11. A coworker of mine slipped at work. Someone decided to post his face on the wet floor sign.

digitalpickles / Via reddit.com

12. Did this to my whole office.

Deadliner / Via reddit.com

13. This smart-assery.

doctortrilobite / Via reddit.com

14. My cousin works part time at a nursing home and writes down a quote from a resident each day.

FinnJuice / Via reddit.com

15. The calibre of the people I work with…

maddhatter / Via reddit.com

16. Someone made a memorial for a coworker who moved to a different cubical.

sunkist268 / Via reddit.com

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