1. In Tallinn airport, one of the mens bathrooms has step by step instructions on tying a tie.

Suslik1415 / Via reddit.com

2. This restroom door opener that allows you to use your wrist so your hands stay clean.

Christopher Hudspeth / Via buzzfeed.com

3. This bathroom door handle has a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser.

Whippity / Via reddit.com

4. These signs tell you whether or not each restroom is occupied.

XV_Crosstrek / Via reddit.com

5. The bathroom I was in had a switch to let an employee know it needed attention.

PMW11 / Via reddit.com

6. My hotel bathroom mirror had a build in bluetooth speaker…

Limerific / Via reddit.com

7. The airport bathroom let’s me know when my hands are dry.

TresComasTequila / Via reddit.com

8. Restroom at a bar in Minneapolis that has a splash guard for your shoes and a mini shelf for your drink.

Th3B055 / Via reddit.com

9. This map of the bathroom as you enter the bathroom.

TheMXJW / Via reddit.com

10. Water saving handle in public bathroom.

lukefrew / Via reddit.com

11. This bathroom has a touchless door control.

Doctor_McKay / Via reddit.com

12. This restaurant bathroom has two different kinds of soaps.

shitiseeincollege / Via reddit.com

13. My local Chick-fil-A has a mouthwash dispenser in the bathroom.

thejjury / Via reddit.com

14. There are power outlets in the stalls at my work’s IT department restrooms.

drrhrrdrr / Via reddit.com

15. The wet floor sign in my schools bathroom had a little fan on the bottom to dry the water.

WFS12 / Via reddit.com

16. My school’s bathrooms have pedals instead of handles.

allygator314 / Via reddit.com

17. The stalls in this bathroom have hydration level charts.

KaiaAndromedaBlack / Via reddit.com

18. This zoo has a complimentary sunscreen dispenser in the bathroom.

hotdee7 / Via reddit.com

19. This sports bar has a TV to watch while in the bathroom.

TestChamberrrrr / Via reddit.com

20. Rating your bathroom use in Omaha’s airport.

CopyRightDate / Via reddit.com

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