1. This guy found the best in the park place to rest.

Floolight / Via reddit.com

2. These Cats

Ryozuo / Via reddit.com

3. Waiting for food.

Shatterize / Via reddit.com

4. When I was younger I had dreams of being this hardcore gangster rapper..I guess things change.

joeykadesh / Via reddit.com

5. Not missing an opportunity.

bill_murrey / Via reddit.com

6. Am I a joke to you, Brenda?

nippyrox / Via reddit.com

7. Today I found out I can’t have kids, but it’s fine because my cat is cuter than any baby I could ever have.

jalapenosarelife / Via reddit.com

8. My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible.

Queen_trash_mouth / Via reddit.com

9. Who’s that?

JanBasketMan / Via reddit.com

10. Instructions were unclear.

Adventure_Adam / Via reddit.com


captainhowdy27 / Via reddit.com

12. Well, I guess I may as well cancel my plans for the day. I’m not going anywhere.

BiggusDickus2 / Via imgur.com

13. Ive been allergic my whole life to cats. Ive finally built up enough of an immunity through injections. Reddit, please welcome my first rescue kitty, Legolas.

TwinCaliber / Via reddit.com

14. Well if you don’t eat the raw dead birds he brings, this is the next logical step.

OctopussSevenTwo / Via imgur.com

15. My mom’s cat looks like she’s wearing a fancy sweater.

HadoukenKitty / Via reddit.com

16. So smol. So smug.

Dazeofthephoenix / Via reddit.com

17. Another proof that cats are liquid.

00zim00 / Via reddit.com

18. My cat when he thinks there’s no one home.

Ralph_the_Cat / Via reddit.com

19. Guys look what I made!!! It took weeks but it’s a yarn ball cat house!!!!!

anlyin / Via imgur.com

20. Went to volunteer at the Humane Society, and the security bag check was pretty intense.

Tacotimeisallthetime / Via reddit.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: Dazeofthephoenix / Reddit, Ralph_the_Cat / Reddit