1. Today I saw a picture of a model who is an amputee in a major retail store in the UK, for the first time.

liolynxo / Via reddit.com

2. This sisterly bond

jazminerizka / Via twitter.com

3. This adorable FaceTime call

chriswhite522 / Via twitter.com

4. This waitress who took one for the team

mostlikelyangry / Via reddit.com

5. This good Samaritan

gfritz25 / Via reddit.com

6. This wholesome hope for the future

Hotkoolaid22 / Via reddit.com

7. This winning smile

daveeitzen / Via twitter.com

8. This heartwarming meeting with Santa

agkales / Via twitter.com

9. This old prankster

Dubious229 / Via reddit.com

10. This caring kid

Behemoth_Nemoth / Via reddit.com

11. Faye’s progress

peacelovehap / Via reddit.com

12. This dad who did everything he could to spend Christmas with his daughter

eemancmannerb / Via reddit.com

13. This gentle giant who corrected a meme

basil78 / Via reddit.com

14. These cans of positive vibes

I_Am_Batgirl / Via reddit.com

15. This husband who finally cracked the code

boomer_bass_ / Via twitter.com

16. These Harry Potter fans

Substantial_Degree / Via reddit.com

17. This New Year’s resolution

ByeBBG / Via twitter.com

18. This meet-cute

I_Like_Cats__ / Via reddit.com

19. This 30-year-old couple

BlackEyedBroad / Via reddit.com

20. Daisy

maxodwyer / Via reddit.com

21. This truck driver

jaiga99 / Via reddit.com

22. This girl who found a loophole

LorenzoHD / Via reddit.com

23. This reporter

chrobes / Via reddit.com

24. This girl who made a lot of kids’ days

jlsmell / Via reddit.com

25. This dog owner

jettrush26 / Via twitter.com

26. This girl making her family proud

reddit / Via reddit.com

27. This adorable friendship

backt0nature / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: liolynxo / reddit, LorenzoHD / Reddit